Thank you Ben, for your time and energy that you put into this piece.

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This is great, I want to read it every day for a week! Just to make sure I squeeze out everything I can from it.

Although not totally in line with your theme, forming a cooperative or other legal entity hedges against unfortunate incidents by corporate neighbors continuing unresolved. During my trip, I stayed with people (wwoofing, airbnb) that had their well water contaminated by a corporate neighbor. My hosts were surprised (and hurt, betrayed) that the sense of urgency for resolution was not shared by both parties. If you have two non-human legal entities, once the facts of a case are established, insurance companies will usually push for settlement - you know, within a normal person's lifetime. And if one party is actually human, well... It usually has a different kind of end. It's a weird dichotomy. The triggers for damage are very human, but there is nothing human about resolving it.

We're definitely stronger when we work together. Thanks for the post!

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