A very good summary of a very worthy endeavor. I've made half-assed attempts with gardens, goats, 2 pigs, and more. I'm too old and tired to do much of physical work for that now, but I am an assistant of marginal value to my partner. Darla at almost my age and with a heart condition that was a big scare two years ago, still somehow manages to keep a productive garden going while planting enough bird and butterfly friendly flowers and trees to keep our 5 acres of Kansas a little oasis.

I still hope to visit DR again sometime. It is a magical place and besides I want to see your cows.

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Heading down to lay out our hoses too, Ben. A long dry spell ahead for us as well in Northern, IL. Fortunately, we have a pond that will supply all of the garden water we need and when the next torrential rain does finally appear, the pond will refill to the top, making water available once again for the next dry spell. Now, this feels like security (money in the bank) to me. Blessings your way.

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