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There’s a lot of fluff about homesteading, sustainable agriculture, and cooperative living on the internet, mostly designed to tell you what you want to hear. Why hear what you want for free when you can pay me to tell you what you don’t want?

But for real, my intention is to provide the majority of my writing for free in the hopes that it provokes deeper interest and examination about how we can live a life of voluntary simplicity that actually benefits our environment and human community.

The paid pieces I’m working on are a bit more detailed, maybe personally deeper in some way, and certainly more polished. I appreciate it when folks with means choose to support me in valuing the time it takes to sit down and write.

I am always interested to hear your feedback, and try to keep up with correspondence. Is there a subject you care about that you’d like me to explore from my view over here up east of the Long Branch, drop me a line.

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Seasonal observations and ruminations on the agrarian way of life at the end of capitalism, an argument against independence and self-sufficiency, and some fun facts about pigs and trees. You are intrigued.


Benjamin Bramble

Northeast Missouri orchardist, turkey herder, hog drover, manure manager and traditional skills nerd. Living a radically simple life in community. I eat well, keep all my other standards low.